Nursery care for Pre-schoolers Ages 3 – 5 Years

Nearly ready for school…

The pre-school group prepares your child for the next step before they go to primary school. We introduce a much more structured day for 3-5 year olds including things like a homework pack, registration time, and reading & writing their own name. Wearing a uniform is compulsory to help the children get ready for school, and identification for extra curricular trips. All of these things teach them responsibility, to make the transition to learning in a primary school as easy as possible.

We use the same learning diary that they have had since they arrived at Hawes Side, and the Nursery Manager will conduct reviews and observations to identify area which need improving. A transition form is completed at the end of the year and this information is passed on to their primary school for the journey ahead.

Pre Schoolers

More structured learning in a new environment

The pre-school class is structured more like a reception room with labels and pictures on draws to help with recognition. Responsibilities such as tidying up and sharing are taught, along with granting the children the independence to use the facilities.

We introduce rules and boundaries such as sharing, walking not running, taking turns, and being polite. Children are set more structured challenges and activities such homework which includes copying letters, reading, shape sheets, number sheets and alphabet sheets.

We always encourage children to choose the areas where they would like to play and learn using something they enjoy. For example, some children prefer to sit at the maths table to learn maths, whilst some children prefer to learn maths through construction. Our ongoing monitoring helps us to understand your child and focus their learning where it is most effective.

Pre School Reception Room

The Pre-school Room

Messy area – here, the children can explore a wide variety of materials including sand, water, play dough, clay, paint, glue and much more

Maths & Language area – There are lots of opportunities for the children to play games and practice their writing skills.

Library – The library is a fun place for story times and circle times, and there are plenty of books to enjoy.

I. T. Area – The children can learn how to use the computer, and play learning games.

Home Corner – Our fun role-play area is packed with the sort of things you would find around the house, and creates a feeling of home, where the children can express their feelings.

Construction area – We have construction toys both large and small to encourage creativity and imagination.

If you have any questions regarding our Nursery care for your child, please call us on 01253 839397 or email

Pre School Room